Your FAFSA is being verified. Your FAFSA data must be checked before you are considered for financial aid.

Your college aid office has asked us to help you with this process. We will guide you through the information and documents you need. Respond promptly and you can finish quickly.

By proceeding with this process, you indicate that you have read and agree to the E-Sign Consent.

Remember to check back here often to track the status of your verification.

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    • Have questions? Review the FAQ and TIPS for helpful information to complete the verification process.

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Fillable PDFs
You can type your information into the fields on the PDF forms.
Then print them out and sign them.
You can then scan the forms back in, fax or mail them to us.

Federal Regulations for FAFSA Verification require your signature on information and documentation that you submit. Currently, a digital signature is not allowed for this purpose. After completing this form please print it, sign and date it, and submit it. You may:

  • Scan and upload through this website
  • Fax it to 866-258-8362
  • Mail it to: School Servicing Center PO Box 41990-1990 Raleigh, NC 27629
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