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Financial Education and Repayment Success for Schools and their Students EX$EL Brochure

Get Results with EX$EL

EX$EL services are designed to:

• Help schools improve student retention and persistence to graduation

• Help students make intelligent borrowing decisions

• Identify and assist student in financial stress

• Enhance borrower understanding of repayment choices

• Guide borrowers in finding the repayment option most favorable for repayment success

• Assist in preparing borrowers for their financial and professional lives after college

• Help schools reduce their cohort default rates

Student Loan Issues Challenge Students, Colleges, and Universities

Meeting the Challenge

Four Services are available, separately or in combination:

• Financial Education, a modular, comprehensive online financial education course, with separate editions tailored explicitly for undergraduate and graduate/ professional student learners

• Regular communications, including links to timely articles and tips on basic money management skills, indebtedness, and the benefits and responsibilities of borrowing, all delivered directly to students.

• A student dashboard showing progress and providing links to additional resources, helping students measure their learning and understand their options

• A school dashboard that provides progress and financial stress reports, helping schools know which students might need additional support

EX$EL — First-rate educational content and consistent contact
The essential tool in the new higher education environment

For more information about EX$EL:
  • Email us
  • Phone 800-532-2832
    • Rose Mary Stelma, ext. 2348